Monday, July 29, 2013

Deciding the Duration of Storage Space Usage

Self storage is an extremely flexible solution for people who require additional storage space. Customers can decide on how long to rent the storage units depending on their needs. There is no such thing as minimum or maximum duration and as long as you have the money to pay, you can rent it for as long as you want.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

3 Reasons That Make Shed Plans Easy to Work With

Shed plans are not always what they seem. Sure, they are difficult to work with and there are some steps in the process that can cause problems, especially if you do not have any experience. But this is one challenge that can be handled quickly.

6 Facts About Self Storage Auction

Self storage auctions is a great time for customers to snag great deals at a fraction of their original cost. Storage auctions are held when existing customers fail to make prompt payments for a number of month, resulting in the self storage company repossessing the unit, auctioning off the interior contents to hopefully minimise their loss. Self storage are different from normal storage as everything in the unit are personal belongings and can potentially be priceless. Here are some facts about self storage auctions.

6 Things to Know Before Renting Self Storage

Self storage can be a saviour to those who cannot afford extra space in their homes or offices to store their items. They can be found almost everywhere and offers competitive pricing. While they make look the same, they are in fact not. Some offers only the very basic facilities while others have more advanced ones with temperature and moisture control. What are some things that you must bear in mind before renting a self storage unit?

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Accessories to Help Packing and Storing Your Belongings

Obviously, as you plan to prepare unnecessary belongings for long-term storage, you will need to stock up on boxes. Over the many times my husband and I have moved in the last decade, we know the drill - when it's time to pack, we scour area liquor stores and ask for discarded boxes because they tend to support glassware and other items well. We check home stores for deals on plastic bins, and we make sure we have all the little things needed to make packing and moving easier. If you're new to setting up storage space in a rental facility, you will need more than boxes to make sure everything is safe.

8 Items That You Cannot Store in Self Storage

Self storage offers convenience at a price that is unbeatable. It can help free up space in your homes or offices and you have the freedom to access your things anytime you want without any restrictions. However, not everything can be stored in a self storage facility. There are items that are prohibited by self storage companies due to rules and regulations. Be sure to check with the company if your item can be stored or you risk making a wasted trip down.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Difference Between a Bank and Self Storage Space

Are you stuck between choosing a bank's safe deposit box or a self storage unit to store your valuables? Both options offers good security features and comes in different sizes to suit your own needs. But how different are they from each other?

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

10 Tips for Selecting a Self-Storage Facility

At some point in almost everyone's life, they need to use a storage facility for short- or long-term storage of household or business items. Are all public storage facilities created equal? Heck no. This article focuses on the top 10 items to consider when selecting a place to store you valuable belongings. After all, whatever you are storing must have some meaning or value to you or you wouldn't be keeping it, right?