Wednesday, July 17, 2013

6 Things to Know Before Renting Self Storage

Self storage can be a saviour to those who cannot afford extra space in their homes or offices to store their items. They can be found almost everywhere and offers competitive pricing. While they make look the same, they are in fact not. Some offers only the very basic facilities while others have more advanced ones with temperature and moisture control. What are some things that you must bear in mind before renting a self storage unit?

No 2 snowflakes are alike

There are many differences between each self storage unit and no 2 are alike despite looking the same on the outside. There are many internal differences like the security, moisture control, climate control, customer service, cleanliness and most importantly, the service and knowledge of staffs. Bear in mind all these factors before deciding on one.

Integrity of staffs

Integrity of staffs working at the self storage unit is one factor that is often overlooked by many. No matter how tight the security at the self storage centre seems with all the alarms and motion sensors, it cannot disrupt an internal theft job by dishonest staffs. When deciding on which self storage unit to rent, always chat with some of the staffs working there and you can tell if they are honest easily.

Double lock facility

At many self storage facilities, thieves often rent a self storage unit of their own to cover up their act. They can then access the storage unit freely whenever they want and find the opportunity to strike when able. Ask around if you are able to double lock your own unit for extra security.

Rental discount gimmick

Some self storage companies offer a rental discount gimmick that lures customer to engage their service, only to raise the rental fees a few months later. Before deciding on which self storage company to use, always ask them for a guarantee to which they will not change the rates. Always make sure to capture this in black and white.

Plan plan plan

Always make sure you plan about what to store and how much space you need to rent before deciding on a self storage unit. Many people often rent more than they need as they failed to plan and this will cause them to spend more money on useless space.


Insurance is your best bet against damages or loss of items. Even if the items you store are not valuable, always purchase insurance for unforeseen circumstances. You can often buy insurance from the self storage company at a lower rate or from external companies.

Here are some of the things you need to know before renting self storage. Always know what you need and plan in advance. Do your homework and you can have a fuss free time making your choice.

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