Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Difference Between a Bank and Self Storage Space

Are you stuck between choosing a bank's safe deposit box or a self storage unit to store your valuables? Both options offers good security features and comes in different sizes to suit your own needs. But how different are they from each other?

Bank safe deposit boxes

Most banks provides the option for customers to rent safe deposit boxes with them. The safe deposit boxes usually come in 5 different sizes from XS to XL with the smallest ranging from 5'x24'3' to the biggest at 16'x20'16'. As such, the amount and size of things you can store is thus restricted. Bank safe deposit boxes are purely meant for storing valuable items such as jewellery, gold bars, precious paintings and even family heirlooms. The security features of safe deposit boxes are top notch; 2 different keys are required to open the deposit box with one in the hands of the client and the other from the banker. Although the banker will be present when you access your items, your privacy is not compromised as there is a partition that shields your items from the banker, offering you some privacy. Safe deposit boxes in the banks typically charges you a fee per annum, meaning you have to rent it for a minimum period of a year. However, you can only access your items during the bank's operating hours, making it less flexible as compared to self storage facilities.

Self storage

Self storage on the other hand offers solutions for almost everything. They come in all sorts of sizes and even provides features such as climate and temperature control. In terms of security features, they offer round the clock CCTV surveillance, high perimeter fences, controlled access and some even biometric features. Since self storage units come in many more sizes, you are able to store many more things through them as compared to the banks. You are also able to access your items round the clock at anytime convenient to you and you will be the only one required to open your unit, providing you with total privacy. Self storage facilities typically have short contracts of even a few months, so if you are intending to only use it for a couple of months, it is more ideal for you. However, most self storage companies refuse to allow valuables to be stored in the premises due to their high values. Some may allow you to store them provided you provide them proof of a 3rd party insurer, removing them from liability if they get stolen or damaged due to accidents.

Although both self storage facilities and bank's safe deposit boxes appear to be the same on the outside, they are targeted at different customers with different needs. If you are intending to store purely your valuables, you should consider the banks. If you need to store a variety of things, you should consider self storage units.

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