Tuesday, July 16, 2013

8 Items That You Cannot Store in Self Storage

Self storage offers convenience at a price that is unbeatable. It can help free up space in your homes or offices and you have the freedom to access your things anytime you want without any restrictions. However, not everything can be stored in a self storage facility. There are items that are prohibited by self storage companies due to rules and regulations. Be sure to check with the company if your item can be stored or you risk making a wasted trip down.


Weapons that can cause harm to others such as firearms are strictly prohibited in Singapore and is a capital punishment. Even if you manage to bring in firearms, you are not allowed to keep them in self storage facilities due to their dangerous nature. No provider in their right state of mind will accept those goods.


Perishable items such as foods and drinks are generally not allowed to be kept in self storage facilities unless they are in climate and moisture controlled containers. This is due to the fact that they will go bad and decay after some time and will cause health issues.

Any living things

You can banish the thought of storing living things such as plants and pets in self storage facilities. Firstly, it is inhumane. Secondly, they will die and it is prohibited by law as well.

Inflammable products

Combustible materials such as propane tanks, kerosene, motor oils, fertilizers, paints, acids and fireworks are dangerous and are strictly prohibited. They not only pose a danger to the user, they also could possibly destroy the entire self storage facility.

Fake goods

Burglars and fake branded goods sellers take note. You are unable to store your illegal things in a self storage facility. No decent self storage companies will allow illegal or fake products to be stored in their facility.


Not all self storage companies will allow jewellery and other valuables to be stored in their facility. This is due to the high value of the product itself. However, if storage is allowed, customers will often have to agree to certain restrictions and must have bought their own insurance for the products.


Aerosols can pose a danger to the facility if they explode. Thus, most self storage companies forbid them to be kept in storage.

Car tires

Although car tires do not pose much of a safety or health hazard, most self storage companies forbid them mainly due to the high cost incurred to dispose them when customers fail to claim back their item after their contract ends.

Above are some of the prohibited items when using self storage facilities and any failure to abide by them may result in immediate termination of the contract and possibly legal issues.

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