Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Accessories to Help Packing and Storing Your Belongings

Obviously, as you plan to prepare unnecessary belongings for long-term storage, you will need to stock up on boxes. Over the many times my husband and I have moved in the last decade, we know the drill - when it's time to pack, we scour area liquor stores and ask for discarded boxes because they tend to support glassware and other items well. We check home stores for deals on plastic bins, and we make sure we have all the little things needed to make packing and moving easier. If you're new to setting up storage space in a rental facility, you will need more than boxes to make sure everything is safe.

Depending on where you rent your storage unit, the facility may offer packing accessories for sale or rent. It helps to have a checklist handy of everything you need beforehand so you are spared the trip to the store to restock. As you pack your books, seasonal clothing and decorations, and other items to sit protected, make sure you have the following on hand:

Mattress Bags - If you plan to move an entire bedroom (and it's possible if you rent a large enough storage space), you want to protect all of your bedding, including your mattress. Leaving a mattress in any storage unit - regardless of cleanliness - runs the risk of mites and insects and even mold. Mattress bags typically go for about six to eight dollars and will keep your mattress dry and clean.

Packing Paper - Some people like to use newspaper to package items, and that's understandable. We like to recycle when we can, but there are instances where newspaper is not exactly the best material for inner packaging. If you're concerned about the ink from a newspaper staining your belongings, sturdy packing paper is usually available at rental facilities.

Moving Pads - When you rent a moving truck, pads usually come with the vehicle. These are good for protecting furniture and glass against dings and cracks. If you plan to store tables and shelves in your unit, though, you might want to consider buying some extra ones. It's always good to wrap table legs and other components, especially if you stack boxes.

Gloves - Moving is hard on the hands. Be sure to protect yourself as well as your property. A good pair of thick gloves that let you grasp objects will definitely make moving easier.

Keep everything you need for storage within reach for a smooth transition from home to your unit rental.

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