Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Steel Storage Sheds For Sale - Why You Need One!

he steel storage shed. I know, I know.These days it's nowhere near as popular as the frequently purchased "plastic" shed. But that's not what bought you here to this article, is it? You want to do something a little different, right? You don't want to have the same cookie-cutter shed that everyone else in the neighborhood has, right? You're leaning toward a steel storage shed and you want me to push you over the edge, right? OK, consider yourself pushed my friend! I will give you some very good reasons why you should buy a steel storage shed instead of the neighborhood standard "plastic" shed.

First of all, let me reveal the obvious to you. Those so-called "plastic" sheds are not really plastic. They are a chemical construct called high density polyethylene, or HDPE for short. It's a pretty good chemical mixture because they have continued to make all kinds of things with it, including storage sheds. It won't chip, break, or peel. And that's a good thing because you wouldn't want your new shed to do any of the above. (I know I'm not making a good argument for the steel shed yet. Just bear with me.)

The so-called "plastic" shed is built to withstand the best thing that Mother Nature can throw at it. From the extremes of the Winter cold to the heat of the Summer. It's designed with you, the customer in mind. They have plastic sheds with fake windows installed. They have plastic sheds that are so nice they can double for an outside house. As a matter of fact, there is one featured on Amazon.com that was furnished to look like an apartment. It's very nice... But what does all of this have to do with steel sheds?

Nothing. Those plastic sheds may have all the bells and whistles. But there is something that they are missing. Want to know what that is? It's quite simple my friend. Those plastic sheds are missing personality. You can put all the bells and whistles you want on a HDPE-chemical construct. But it won't have the personality of a steel storage shed. It won't have the look of a steel shed. It won't have the feel of a steel shed.

Still not a believer? Need something a little more concrete than just "personality and looks"? ( I feel like I'm setting you up on a date! Lol!) How about price? Although those plastic sheds are really nice and they have a bunch of shiny things hanging off them. They cost a whole lot more than a similarly equipped steel storage shed. Why? Because the plastic ones are in demand! So many people are buying them that the manufacturers can raise the price to whatever they want and still make a profit!

Now take a 5x6 steel shed and put it next to a 5x6 plastic one. I guarantee you that the plastic one will cost at least TWICE as much! Maybe that's the one thing that you need to sway you in the direction of the steel shed my friend. The most important thing in this day and age... PRICE! Steel storage sheds for sale is not just a statement! When compared to the price of a plastic one, you can see why they seem like they are on sale!

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