Thursday, October 10, 2013

Situations Where Portable Shelters Are Practical

Building and construction has gradually been moving more and more towards a situation where we use more portable and temporary solutions to our construction needs rather than building permanent structures that remain permanently in one place. We can see examples of this with for instance prefab buildings which are more and more common as a way to save money on building temporary structures for events, research sites and temporary housing. At the same time we are also seeing more and more portable shelters like temporary garages being used in a range of different scenarios.

These are useful in any situation around the home or a business because they are cheaper to construct and because they are portable and kinder to the environment. However they are particularly useful in situations where you don't need the property permanently, as in these scenarios there is really no point in going to the effort of building a permanent structure only to abandon it and leave it behind. In a world where everyone used portable shelters we would have fewer abandoned buildings and like snails we could take our properties with us when we moved home.

But what kinds of situations call for a building to be used only temporarily? Well actually you'd probably be surprised to learn just how common it is to need a building for only a short amount of time. Here we will look at some examples.


First of all you will often need to use an instant shelter if you are hosting an event. When hosting an event you of course need to provide shelter from the elements while you host, but this isn't always easy if you only have meagre space inside your own property. Using a party canopy you can then create a venue in your garden or land, or even somewhere else temporarily. Councils often use portable shelters for putting on fairs and other such events while businesses might use them for launch parties and conferences. For individuals party tents are great for garden get-togethers or even as wedding tents.

Short Stays

Say you are renting your property but you have a car. You don't have the rights unfortunately to construct a garage on the site and it would be a waste of money if you intended to move soon anyway. However you may still require a garage or a greenhouse so you can grow plants/lower your insurance/protect your car, and in such a situation portable shelters are ideal - not costing you anywhere near the money and being transportable when you come to leave.


Disaster relief tents are portable shelters that are erected at the sites of natural disasters and other trauma sites. These allow for aid workers to station themselves somewhere where they can keep their equipment and tools safe, and they also provide somewhere for the victims to recover and to hide while they deal with shock, injury and the elements. Of course such shelters then need to be removed, which is why portable shelters are so suited.

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