Tuesday, October 15, 2013

6 Reasons to Have a Garage Apartment

There are a number of purposes served by a garage apartment. Often during college days, young members of the family need a private area for their own reasons and a well planned out garage apartment fulfills that need. Besides, there are emergencies, such as unexpected guests or when you have to vacate the living areas for painting or renovation, it is the garage space that comes in handy. We can give you six reasons to include a garage apartment when doing the layout for your next home.

Work Space

Your garage apartment can be carved out to be your peaceful studio or office space to go through documents or the silent corner for writing. It could be the luxury of having a private office within the premises of your home. For enterprises that operate from home, a garage apartment is the ideal space. It could be your address for a new agency or a collection point for business documents. You could use this space for holding interviews and even outsource it to other companies for such a purpose.

Rental Income

Once you have a decent space ready to be occupied, you can let it out and make an additional income. The rent could come in handy to repay debt in case you have made or bought the house with a loan. Besides an income, it also gives you the opportunity to have a friendly neighbor close by or some company if you are a small family or live alone. You could rent out the space even to a company to use it as an office and enjoy the higher commercial rent.

For Guests

As welcome as guests can be, accommodating them comfortably can be problematic sometimes. If you have developed your garage apartment as an extension of your home, you can tuck your guests into it and maintain your hospitality too. For that purpose, the garage space can be suitably enhanced with a compact toilet and shower booth.

Value Addition

When you have a garage apartment along with your residential unit, it adds to the value of your property. At the time of resale, you will find your property fetching a higher price compared to singular units.

Move-in Station

When you have just moved into your new accommodation but renovation, painting or flooring work is still on, a garage apartment, serves extremely well as a starter unit. You can have the advantage of having moved into your new premises while work is in progress and monitor it from closer quarters. It is just what you need to get a feel of your new address and acclimatize yourself to the new surroundings.

Get Away

Anytime you need a break from monotony, pack a knapsack and shift into your garage apartment! Take the family into your private little space and enjoy like you would in a camp or any destination away from home. You could even invite guests over for a snap party and double the fun in the cozy confines of your garage apartment.

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