Thursday, October 10, 2013

Should You Share a Storage Unit?

Perhaps the idea of renting a storage unit to keep extra items hasn't appealed to you because of financial reasons, or necessity. You may have in the house so many boxes that clutter up a room, and storage would help clear out space so you can move around more easily. You may think, however, that what you have isn't enough to warrant renting a unit - even a small one - and you don't want the extra expense. What about sharing a storage unit with a friend or relative? Is this a feasible option?

If you have shopped around local rental centers for information on unit sizes and cost, you may find even the smallest unit could be quite large compared to what you need to store. If the other option leaves you dealing with walking over boxes and bumping into stacked belongings against walls, you might resign yourself to paying for extra space. Recruiting somebody close to you with items to put away, however, can prove beneficial to you:

  •     You can split the rent on the unit, so you won't pay as much to store your belongings.
  •     If one of you is away for a long period of time, the other can check on the storage unit if necessary.
  •     Having more items in the space may give you a sense of security.

You will need to discuss particulars with the person sharing your storage unit - you will need to schedule payments so the storage facility receives their money on time, for one. If the facility dictates that the unit can only be rented under one name, you will need to decide whose name goes on the lease. Consequently, this may mean there is only one key to access - it will depend on where you rent. Therefore, you will need to make arrangements to lend the key when necessary.

Now, the question is not really can you share storage space, but should you do so? Renting a unit can be a long-term commitment that requires you to pay promptly. If you default, there is a chance the facility could put your belongings up for auction to satisfy the debt. Therefore, you want to make certain the person who shares with you is somebody you trust, and somebody who will pay on time - especially on months you know you're going to be short.

Sharing storage space can work if you go into the arrangement with a plan. Be mindful of your partner's belongings, pay on time, and you'll do fine.

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