Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Keeping Your Garden Shed Organized

Chances are pretty good that you have a book collection and you keep all of that in a bookcase that is large enough to accommodate your collection. A bookcase is useful because it keeps all your books in one place, protects them from dust and humidity and looks good. A garden shed is used for a similar purpose, with the focus being on garden tools.

Garden Shed

When you have a garden shed of your own, you will never misplace your garden tools. Once you are done cutting the grass or trimming your plants, you will probably remember to keep the tools back in the shed. However, what could happen is that the shed could turn into a real mess. From outside, it sure would look great, giving you a sense of satisfaction that all your tools and related items are in there, but they could be lost in the mess. The solution is to organize your garden shed, so as to make the most of it.

A garden shed is best suited for storing garden equipment is pretty much a given. So, as much as you might be tempted to store everything that can be stored, it is not too much to imagine that a lot of sheds are sheds in name only, while being filled with all kinds of items ranging from books to malfunctioning electronics. For all practical purposes, it might end up becoming your personal dumping ground. So, resist the urge to do this and only keep garden related equipment in your shed.

Clearing The Mess

If you have already managed to turn your shed into a dumping ground, start by making a plan. The plan is to get rid of everything useless, but is stored in the garden shed. This is harder than it sounds because you would eventually start feeling a bit odd about throwing away items you bought but are now broken. There can be any number of such items in the shed. Get rid of all of them.

One thing you can do though is divide the shed internally into separate sections. Dedicate one section of the shed for garden tools. Dedicate a section for broken items, a section for books and another section for something else. You are still putting all kinds of things in the shed, at least now, it is an organized mess. So, organize your shed and ensure that nothing is lost in it.

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