Friday, September 13, 2013

Keep Your Playground Equipment Safe

A school can hold a lot of valuable equipment and if not stored and locked away correctly, this can be a thief's dream! Petty crime is on the rise in the UK and currently schools are a prime target for thieves and vandals. Thieves are looking for gardening tools, toys, bikes and outdoor sports equipment. These are all items that schools tend to have by the bucket load.

With the threat of school theft large than ever, now is a good time to think about ways to protect your school and playground area. There are plenty of different ways that you can protect your school, with high tech security systems and alarms. However the same isn't always said for your outdoor storage and garages. Outdoor storage such as wooden sheds can be easily broken into and raided within minutes. Some outdoor storage simply offers no real protection from theft and the items that are usually left locked away outdoors are normally quite expensive.

So how can you keep your outdoor items locked up safely?

There is no guarantee that a thief won't manage to work their way into your locked sheds or garages. But there are a few ways that you can slow them down.

  •     Make sure there are no exposed screws that can be undone with a screw driver to gain access
  •     Padlocks should be bolt cutter resistant and ideally shouldn't be left exposed
  •     There should be no windows in your shed or garage, but if there are make sure that there is something reinforcing the glass such as heavy duty wire mesh
  •     Fit your garage or shed with a motion sensor security alarm
  •     Install security lighting near your outdoor storage to scare off thieves

If more outdoor storage is what you require, it is always advised to invest in something strong and tough to ward off theft.

What you should look for:

  •     Metal is always better as it is much tougher than wood
  •     Your shed/garage should have its own base
  •     No exposed screws
  •     Internal locking system

Asgard has a wide range of school storage packs available. With 10 different storage packs you are sure to find one that suits your school's needs. This school storage provides unequalled security, designed to give you everything you need to protect your playground equipment.

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