Thursday, September 19, 2013

How To Maintain A Green Environment In Self Storage

As the emphasis on preserving the environment remains crucial these days, people who use self storage facilities can also practice the green habit. In fact, apart from the three R's (reduce, reuse, recycle) that we often hear being talked about by the experts, there are other R's that you can do to help maintain a green environment when you're storing items in rental units.

It's okay to store personal belongings in a rental unit for indefinite periods of time. Sometimes, it can benefit you to keep them safely somewhere accessible for awhile because there may come a time that you will still be able to use them again or find a better way to dispose of them.

If you're decided not to dispose of some items, do keep in mind that you can reuse them at a later time. Furniture and cubicles, for example, can be re-upholstered or refurbished to make it look like new. You should consider contacting companies that refurbish items and even provide warranty. When you do this, you don't need to buy a new one therefore letting you save money. It's all about being creative.

You may also recycle other items. There are manufacturers who provide recycling services and who knows, you may even earn from it. Companies that make electronic appliances, for instance, normally give tips on the proper recycling method for their products so if you still have your old devices, you can contact the manufacturers and find out about this.

In this case, another R or research is essential. Whether you'll be recycling or perhaps planning to buy a new furniture or appliance, it would be a good idea to do a green move. Certain parts of old furniture made from durable materials can be used to make another item such as a stool or table.

When buying a new one, on the other hand, you can now choose raw materials sourced sustainably and those that are non-toxic. Having enough knowledge on the condition of our present environment, you need to avoid items that easily wear and tear after just a year of use as they only contribute to waste. It is better to invest in a more expensive item that you can be sure will last for a long time.

Reselling your old items is one of the other R's. If you have some furniture that you have refurbished and you no longer want to use, you can always sell them again at a higher price. Conduct a garage sale in your place and who knows, furniture dealers may just be interested in them or somebody looking for a cheaper furniture may just spot them.

People who are concerned about the environment can help in the green movement by making use of their old items instead of dumping them in a self storage unit and forgetting all about them moving onwards. What's important is you find the time to do the several R's mentioned here to be able to contribute to environmental preservation and help make the Earth a better place to the next generation.

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