Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Floods and Garages

When floods occur they can cause drastic damage and accumulate thousands upon thousands of dollars in repairs. Garage doors are typically equipped with a rubber seal at the bottom to prevent excessive rainwater from entering the garage. However, with rain amounts that equivocate to floods, this rubber stopper will be no match for the rain. In the event of heavy rainfall you can protect your investments by following a few of these tips as well as be prepared to avoid flood damage in the future. All of these steps combined could ultimately save you time and money when rain starts to pour.

Preparing for potential floods should happen long before the rain comes. Sealing a garage floor is a great way to help prepare for damages that could be costly. Large amounts of rainfall that flood your garage could sit there for long periods of time before water level goes down and can be properly managed, by sealing the floor you can prevent stains and structural damage to the cement.

In the event that you are aware that a storm or heavy rains are on the way, the most important thing you can do is remove all valuable objects from the garage. By securing your investments you can help alleviate the chance of items being ruined that cannot be replaced. By moving objects out of your garage you can also pinpoint where water is leaking through the worst and help alleviate the situation.

Another important aspect to consider when preparing for potential garage floods is how you keep the water out. Well the answer can be as simple as placing sandbags against the garage door walls. This technique has seemingly been around forever and does the trick to keep out heavy flood waters. This technique is cheap and could potentially save you lots of time and money. Using a squeegee broom or any other smooth object to keep the water concentrated is drastically important to keeping the water away.

Keeping your garage and garage door from structure and mechanical damage is crucial during floods. Any effort small or big to help alleviate flood damage goes along way. By following a few of these simple tips you too can avoid being another victim of flood damage. Above all prepare the best you can in advance the cost of repair are drastic and could cause problems for the future. Garage doors are the gateway to our homes and nobody wants a structured foundation. Prepare and invest in garage doors specifically designed for heavy rains, sealed garage doors are available, however are extremely expensive. If you have any questions contact your local garage door company and see how they can help you prepare for the future.

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