Monday, November 18, 2013

What To Consider Before You Choose A Storage Unit

If you need a place to store your belongings, you should take a look at storage units near you. Using storage units can be a great way to keep clutter out of your way without having to sell or throw anything away. If you want to hold onto your possessions, but simply do not have the space in your home right now, you should find out a few details about the storage units near your house.

Make Sure Your Items Are Protected from Weather

Most storage units have a few ways to ensure no harm comes to your belongings. One example is climate controlled units, which means your possessions are unlikely to be affected by snow, heat, rain, or other weather conditions. Not only should the unit be well-insulated, but it may also have heating and air conditioning so your belongings do not crack, rot, mildew, or become damaged in any other way over time.

Keep Your Property Safe from Thieves

Most reputable storage units also have ways to protect your belongings from intruders. For instance, look for a storage facility that not only locks each unit, but also has a lock at the front gate after hours. You should be given the passcode for this gate so you can access your items at any time, but intruders cannot get in easily. You should also look for a storage facility that uses video cameras on most of the property to discourage or even catch thieves. Finally, consider buying insurance if it is offered, since you never know if thieves will succeed in stealing your belongings. You should at least be compensated for them like you would if they were stolen from your home.

Pay Attention to Price

You will typically pay a fee every month for your storage unit, and you might also have to pay a fee upfront just to move your items in. Make sure these costs are affordable for you and will not suddenly increase. Plus, you should find out if you will be charged a fee every time you access your unit. You may be offered the first month free, but you should find out what you will pay every month after that, and then compare it to what other storage units charge. When you are trying to decide whether you can afford the monthly cost, consider how long you plan to keep your belongings in storage. Having to move it all out unexpectedly when you can no longer afford the expense can be inconvenient and time-consuming.

Once you choose the right storage unit for your needs, you should find out if you can pay extra to get some help moving your belongings in. Otherwise, you can always arrange to have friends help you with this task when you are ready to get the clutter out of your house. Of course, the same goes for when you need to remove all your possessions from the chosen unit. Planning ahead for this can help reduce your stress.

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