Monday, November 18, 2013

What Is Art Storage?

Certain people love to collect art works. These art pieces can be anything from paintings, sketches to sculptures, antiques and other collectible items. They can either be the old ones or the newly created types.

Whatever art works you collect, in time you will realize the huge volume you've accumulated. And when you're living in a small house, chances are you're going to have storage space issues later on.

Your fine art collection will need a special storage space if possible. These pieces are normally delicate they have to be stored in a particular manner to ensure they don't get damaged through time.

Fortunately, there are specialized storage facilities that offer this kind of service. These buildings often provide climate controlled units to help keep your items intact and free from damage during long storage.

Some facilities make it a point to train their staff or hire those that have experience in museum work such in art management. Working with art pieces means the person needs to have a background in conservation and institutional collection management to make sure that stored items are properly taken care of.

An ideal self storage facility for art collections should be one with spacious corridors, doorways and other clearances. This is to allow for fast and safe access to large art pieces. Some provide a 12-foot minimum ceiling height and 10-foot minimum door width.

Another important feature to look for is the security system. This has to be in place with the latest tools utilized to provide the peace of mind that customers look for. It is vital for customers to know their preferred facility has a reliable security system that can protect their valuable belongings safe all the time.

What you need to look for are a state-of-the-art lock or timed key-card system, a smoke detection and fire alarm, surveillance or CCTV camera with digital archiving, individually alarmed storage units, proper lighting in hallways and corridors, a security guard if possible and a well fenced complex. A facility with a security system connected directly to the police station and comprehensive access controls is also a good choice.

Being delicate items, art pieces need a storage space where temperature and humidity levels are controlled. The American Association of Museum recommends that art works need to be stored in an area where there's 50 percent relative humidity and with a temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Modern climate controlled units today can have their temperature and humidity controlled and allow for remote login for staff to be able to take immediate action should problems crop up unexpectedly. You may also ask about a particle filtration system that aims to avoid the presence of harmful elements.

Some high end art self storage facilities feature UV shielded lighting, custom built freight elevator capable of handling items up to 12,000 pounds.

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