Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Deciding the Appropriate Storage Size for Your Items

Self storage units cater to different customers with different needs. The units come in all shapes and sizes and depending on the requirements of customers, they can choose one that best suits them. Customers must be wary of not only their current needs but also their future needs. They need to cater sufficient space to store things that they plan to get in future. Next, they need to decide on how they plan to store their items. Will they stack the items on top of each other or do they want to space them out evenly. All these factors will affect their choice of storage size for the units. One of the most efficient way is to place items into carton boxes and stack them up, maximising all the space in the unit.

Most self storage units offers the same self storage unit sizes. Here are some of the common ones that most people utilise based on their needs.

1.5m x 1.5m units

These units are roughly the size of a small closet and are most ideal for storing personal items, apparels, unused boxes that are non collapsible often made of plastic, chairs and tables. This unit can hold roughly 70 boxes.

1.5m x 3m units

These units are about the size of a one bedroom unit and offers sufficient space to store a few pieces of furniture such as chairs, sofa, drawers and mattresses. This unit can hold roughly around 150 boxes.

2.3m x 3m units

This unit is roughly the size of a garden shed and is sufficient to hold items worth 2 bedroom. You can store more furniture in it and it can take roughly 250 boxes.

3m x 3m units

Items that take up 1/2 the space of a garage can fit in nicely in this unit. You can store unused contents of a small office such as desktop computers, roller chairs, computer tables and desk lamps without much problems. It can hold roughly 350 boxes.

3m x 4.5m units

This unit can easily hold the contents of a 2 bedroom apartment without a sweat. You can dump all your large household items such as your huge TV, piano, large dining table and your 7 seater sofa set. It can hold approximately 450 boxes.

3m x 6m units

This unit can hold items equivalent to the size of a 3 bedroom apartment. You can keep a number of mattresses, tables, multiple pianos, unused gym equipment such as treadmills and cross trainers and many more! It can hold around 650 boxes.

3m x 9m units

This can hold items of a 5 bedroom unit easily. It is most ideal for storing commercial items as well as huge personal items. You can easily store an entertainment set in it and even small boats. Expect it to store roughly 900 boxes.

Depending on your needs, there are different storage unit sizes available for you. Choose one that is best suited for you to save on cost. There are always trained professional staff members who are around to clarify your doubts if you need to.

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