Tuesday, August 6, 2013

College Stuff: To Send Home Or Keep In Self Storage

It's quite a challenge to be in college particularly if you are enrolled in a college or university away from home. You need to bring along your personal belongings and keep them in your apartment or dorm for a few months or even years. When the semester or school year is over, you have to bring them home again plus the other items you have accumulated through the years.

A burden to you and your parents, right? But this is not an issue if you take advantage of a self storage facility near your place of residence or school.

It's normal for college students to accumulate things. They buy clothes, books or even furniture for their apartments. Unfortunately, some realize too late that they have already so many items in their room or apartment but not enough storage space for them. If this problem is not resolved, chances are a student will later find himself or herself living in a huge mess.

Every semester or every school year, each student needs to declutter your dorm room or apartment. Having a spacious room means a more comfortable and relaxing area to study, rest and sleep.

Benefits of rental units

Compared to sending your items home every now and then, renting a storage unit has more benefits to college students. Convenience and less stress are the foremost benefits you will gain.

Firstly, you can easily access your items at your most convenient time. You don't have to go all the way home to get some things you need for school. Being close by, you can visit your rental unit and get your personal stuff there.

Secondly, you can store your personal belongings there for an extended period of time even after classes end. You can do this if you'll be enrolling in the same school for several more years.

Also, you can opt for sharing a rental unit with a friend or classmate who may be in need of extra storage space. This will let you save money.

Practical Tips

If you're considering a self-storage unit, be sure to plan first. Plan on what items you want to keep temporarily, when you will start packing up and when will you move your stuff to the facility. Advanced preparation will save you time and money.

Make sure to book your unit in advance. Keep in mind that self storage facilities receive early bookings notably when summer is near.

Before packing your items such as clothes, towels, blankets and linens, do wash and dry them well. This will ensure that they'll stay clean and odor-free while in storage.

In arranging your boxes, do leave spaces in and around them for ventilation. If you're storing a mini fridge, keeping the door open will help in avoiding moisture and mildew buildup moving forward.

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